Unisteel AB

We are a modern and flexible steel supplier with many years of experience.

Our sales office and production premises are located in Oskarström, 15 km from

Halmstad, in the south western part of Sweden.

As a steel dealer with structure built over many years, we understand our markets

and we believe this lays the foundation for providing successful and proffesional

service to our customers.

We offer a diversified selection of quality products as well as production recources

and stockholding.


Today our products serve a wide variety of industries including, automotive,

furniture elements, construction, household elements etc.

In times when living conditions and industrial products are changing rapidly,

it's our policy to continously follow the developement within the steel industry to

be able to give our clients the very best efficient solution on their needs.

It encourages both parties to accomplish to constant improvements and by that

strengthen the positions on the market.


Our net of international manufacturers and stockholders is wide and specialized

in many fields. With some of these we have a very close business relation and in

some cases we are exclusively represented in Sweden or in the whole Scandinavia.



Unisteel AB is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000. Our quality work has it's

emphasis on long term work focusing on what's best for the client, starting from first

contact and to completion of delivery.

The clients satisfaction is a prerequisite and at the same time the the guarantee of a

successful future for the company. The selection of products is developed in

consultation with clients ans manufacturers. Our undertaking should serve as a

reference for future business.